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Easy on the Planet™ Programme

Easy on the Planet

Reduce your impact on the environment, join our Easy on the Planet Programme.


We understand that sustainability is at the heart of your strategy. But sometimes it's hard to quantify how far your business has come?


Our Easy on the Planet programme partners with you to help you climb the sustainability ranks.

When you reduce your small orders, select eco-conscious products, and make changes based on our quarterly reports, we reduce packaging and transport emissions- and plant trees on your behalf.


We approach the task by using a wide range of metrics and business intelligence to measure your company's 'green' progress. And that's just the beginning...

MORE ways to make a difference

Across last year you’ve helped us make a real difference. Our Easy on the Planet programme reached a total of 11,000 customers who helped us plant 200,000 trees around the globe. Since 2015 our customer programme has planted over 660,000 trees.

This year you can help us achieve our targets and help make a positive contribution by:

  • Planting 200,000 new trees
  • Decreasing small orders by 5%
  • Increasing purchases of eco products by 5%

Give your eco-conscience a boost by making small changes to your purchasing habits. Choose from over 16,000 products with the Easy on the Planet and EasyTree icons.

Join us and many customers on the journey to green.

Three ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Increase the % of Easy on the Planet products you purchase with us

We’ve added clear labels on our products that are eco-conscious, to make it easier for you to make greener procurement decisions.

Using your ordering history in 2018 as a baseline, we will look at the amount of green products you select in 2019 and measure your overall improvement. When you select more eco-conscious products, we will plant trees on your behalf.

Reduce your % of small order deliveries

Minimising the amount of small, inefficient orders you place is one of the easiest ways you can be a better friend to the planet. It cuts back on excess packaging, reduces transport emissions, and has the added benefit of reducing your administration costs. 

We will look at the amount of small orders* you made in 2018 as a baseline to monitor your improvement. When you place fewer small orders with us, we will plant trees on your behalf.

*Any order with a value lower than €50

Purchase any product with the EasyTree symbol

Staples have marked a specific selection of eco-conscious products with the EasyTree icon, making it even quicker and easier to make green choices.

Every time you purchase eco-conscious products with the EasyTree icon, we plant trees on your behalf. How? Part of the revenue is donated straight to ‘Plant-for-the-Planet’, a global movement fighting climate change by planting trees around the world.

Before a product is considered Easy on the Planet, the supplier must first agree to the Supplier Code of Conduct.
Upon agreement with this Code, individual products are then reviewed against the appropriate criteria.

Product Criteria

Easy on the Planet brochure

In 2020, you can help us make a positive contribution by:

  • Decreasing your small orders, and
  • Increasing your purchases of eco-conscious products, to enable us to
  • Plant 200.000 new trees and reach our 1 million tree milestone

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Are you interested in building a greener procurement programme? Do you want to find out more about how you can help your employees break a habit and make a difference?
We’re happy to help, so please contact us.

Our Green Partners

Find sustainable solutions to help your business break a habit and make a difference, with help from Staples and its trusted green partners.

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