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Successfully jump start the year thanks to Post-it® products

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to understand how to overcome the organizational challenges of managing paperwork, multiple projects and endless to-do lists. Here are the few guiding principles to do so– and the corresponding solutions proposed by the Post-it® brand.

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For a fresh start, sort your documents and prepare archiving of the ones you don’t need to keep within harm’s reach. Simply use Post-it® Strong Index to easily identify the content of your files
Put all the files to be archived in boxes, securely closed with Scotch® packaging tape.

Anticipate challenges and create solutions that overcome them. You'll not only save time - you'll probably earn some accolades as well.

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Deadlines. Schedules. Meetings. And more. Every day  is a massive juggling act and, of course everything needs to be done ASAP. Keep pace by developing an at-a-glance priority system that you can live and thrive in. Stick on your wall or on your desk a Post-it® Super Sticky Notes for each of your key priorities… and take it off once done with the task. It’s not only an effective way to keep track of progress, it also creates a feeling of satisfaction.

You can waste more than two hours a week finding, sharing and storing documents. Create an organisation system that reflects your work style, using Post-it® Index to color-code the important things.

Personalising your workplace can have an "energising effect" that can lead to greater job satisfaction and performance.

Select the Post-it® Super Sticky Z-Notes dispenser that best match your style and keep it on your desk, always there to easily take notes while you are on the phone.

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