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New Year, New Use
Whatever your goals are this year, DYMO can help you achieve them – and in ways that just may surprise you!

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Start fresh this year with a new approach to labeling
With DYMO you can:

  • Manage your budget by using labels to keep track of financial documents, bills, and receipts.
  • Moderate your stress levels by finding a home for the clutter in your life. Stress commonly results from disorganisation, so by taking the time to label and organise your spaces and things, you’ll be taking a step toward a less stressful lifestyle.
  • Save time and energy. A clean, well-organised office can increase your efficiency. Make 2016 your most productive year yet with DYMO!

DYMO’s got you covered
Running a business is a lot of work. Save time and energy by labeling with DYMO so you can always find exactly what you need when you need it.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of a well-organised office
And whether you’re labeling file folders, binders, or supplies, you know you can trust DYMO to help you get the job done with ease and efficiency.
The DYMO LabelManager range– the perfect tools for office organization – and 20+ tape colors, sizes, and materials to choose from, make it easy to manage and label your spaces and things.

This season, use DYMO’s diverse offering of labels to identify and color-code your paperwork and files. Then take your organizational skills to the next level and tackle the rest of your office:

  • Storage & supply cabinets
  • Electrical cords
  • Mailing & shipping items
  • Laptop accessories
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Dymo Technologies save you time and money

  • Plug & Play - built-in software: Print your labels directly from your PC and Mac and benefit from all its fonts and graphics.
  • Share your labeller and print from anywhere in the office with the LM Wireless PnP.
  • You are working in a warehouse or you manage storage? Import databases, print barcodes or use the LM 420P on-the-go with its backlight screen.
  • Avoid the cost and waste of disposable batteries with the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack of the LM 280 or connect to your computer.
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