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In the fast-changing landscape of risk management, Tork has developed many products to help mitigate the risks.  The Tork Easy Handling™ packaging system designed to make life easier has been expanded to incorporate even more products. Tork Easy Handling™ packaging has been designed for the convenience of cleaning staff and facilities managers. It was launched on the back of an SCA observational study into the working lives of cleaners.

The study revealed that a substantial part of a cleaner’s work consists of carrying unwieldy packages of paper towels, toilet paper and other supplies for long distances. Both the Tork Carry Pack plastic packaging and the cardboard Tork Carry Box have been designed to help ease this burden.




Other products that help to mitigate risk in a fast-changing landscape include our Tork Foam Soaps, with a specially adapted dispenser for people with reduced hand strength. 

Tork has an assortment of new eco-labelled foam soap which is especially suitable for public toilets in restaurants, hotels, schools and hospitals. A specially-designed dispenser makes it easy to use for children and people with reduced hand strength. For this reason, the skin-sensitive soap has been given the stamp of approval by the Swedish Rheumatism Association and is certified under the Nordic and EU Ecolabels. What’s more, foam soaps are not as messy as liquid soaps, which helps washroom areas stay fresher for longer.

All our soaps come in sealed disposable bottles to minimise the risk of contamination. The disposable bottle has been designed to make it easy to change and speeds up refilling time. 

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