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Safe and healthy workplaces with DURABLE

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When it comes to managing risk with safety and security solutions, it's all about reliable products that support safety measures efficiently. Get to know DURABLE's innovative products offering the perfect solutions for your security demands.

What are important issues for safe and secure working conditions in an organization?
The minimization of all risks constitutes the main focus in risk management, including the consideration of safety, security and also health disturbances. Enhancing the overall safety of the office facility inside and out is just as important as a healthy working environment that helps to prevent physical work-related diseases.

Why are DURABLE products that suitable for the equipment of safe and healthy workplaces?
Because they are not only high-quality, but also very easy-to-use-safety measures should not interfere work processes, they just have to make them more safe and controlled. Using DURABLE products you can handle your risk issues in an uncomplicated way.

Office safety includes several aspects, for which DURABLE offers a wide range of practical solutions for daily use. Name badges are important for the identification of employees and guests. The DURABLE name badges with magnets allow a simple fastening without harming sensitive materials.For the fastening of ID cards and security passes, high-quality badge reels like the badge reel CHROME provide a flexible and practical solution. As the safe storage of money is always a top safety priority, DURABLE offers EUROBOXX: The metal cash box convinces with robust materials and excellent workmanship, combined with professional design for the secure storage of coins, banknotes and important documents.

Frequently touched surfaces evolve rapidly into germ carriers, especially display panel systems are one example for commonly used items. SHERPA® BACT-O-CLEAN provides a range of display panel systems with antibacterial properties, available as desktop or wall mounted units. The stylish light-blue base and the SHERPA® display panels both have antimicrobial properties,that effectively prevent the growth of micro-organisms including E-coli, MRSA, Listeria and Salmonella. SHERPA®BACT-O-CLEAN display panels open on two sides for convenient insertion and removal of price lists,telephone lists, catalogue pages etc.

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