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However big your organization, safety in the workplace is paramount. Risk management means protecting your staff, your property, and your data. You may be surprised that these are three areas where edding comes to the rescue!

edding 8400 CD/DVD/BD Permanent Marker – Safeguarding data backups

Data backups are essential, and one handy method is to copy computer files onto DVDs and Blu-ray discs. But they have to be clearly labelled – otherwise, if it comes to the crunch, you’ll never be able to find last November’s vital spreadsheet again! This is where the edding 8400 CD/DVD/BD marker steps in. It’s ideal for permanently labelling CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Thanks to its soft bullet nib, it won’t damage your discs. And once they’ve been marked, the solvent-free waterproof ink won’t smudge or fade in the light. By the way, the edding 8400 also gets the thumbs-up from Verbatim, that top manufacturer of storage media.

edding 8280 Securitas UV Marker – Better safe than sorry

How can edding help protect property? Well, once something’s been stolen, what are the chances of it being identified and returned to you? Some form of hidden marking is required – so thank goodness for the edding 8280 UV permanent marker! It produces nearly invisible writing on virtually any surface which is totally concealed to the naked eye, yet clearly revealed by ultraviolet light. What’s more, the ink’s waterproof, wear-resistant, lightfast, and quick-drying. This anti-theft tool is also a must wherever hidden marking is required.

edding 8850 Carpenter Pen – Marking hard-to-reach places

OK – but can markers really improve staff safety? Yes they can – and this is where the edding 8850 carpenter pen comes into its own! Since the long thin metal nib is ideal for marking hard-to-reach places, it’s great for helping builders, carpenters, electricians and plumbers mark the holes they’re about to drill with pinpoint accuracy. And that’ll definitely keep them safe from the foreman’s wrath!

edding 950 Industry Painter – The obvious way to make hazards visible

This astonishing marker uses a highly opaque paste on rough, soiled, rusty and even wet materials. And when we say wet, we mean it – in fact divers use the edding 950 to mark ships’ components underwater during inspections! Slippery floors, wet walls, rusty metal, fragile wood and other possible sources of danger can be quickly marked in a highly noticeable manner. Obviously waterproof, the edding 950 is also smudge-proof, extremely lightfast and heat-resistant up to 300 °C.

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