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Building safety and security measures

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Facilities Managers have an incredibly tough job of ensuring that their company’s facility and any buildings or spaces comply to local legislation and regulations.

Here are some things to consider to maintain a safe and secure building:

Fire safety
Regular fire safety checks aim to identify any potential fire hazards that may have arisen since the facilities were installed in the first place. You should also check that employees are familiar with what to do in the event of a fire. Maintain and check the functionality of fire doors and fire alarms. Have you got the latest signage required in your locality? A lack of fire safety checks and failure to keep your emergency equipment updated could lead to your business being fined – and perhaps even to loss of life. This is even more vital for businesses operating facilities with the general public.

Health and safety
Do all your office facilities still comply with health and safety regulations? Are new employees following your procedures? Take the time to check that there are no trailing wires or other trip hazards, that handrails are secure and safe to use, and that no other hazards have appeared since your last check.  Refresh health and safety guidelines where necessary, for example if the scope of your business has changed. Keep first aid kits up to date, replacing items as soon as they are used. Ensure you have trained staff and emergency procedures in place.

Building security
Do you know who’s coming and going in your building? It’s vital to keep track. Security badges, CCTV and electronic sensor locks can all help in creating a more secure environment – this is vital if your company works with sensitive information.

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