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Good hand hygiene is crucial for every workplace

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According to a study conducted in USA and Britain, people are more likely to spread viruses by handshaking than by kissing. If you still want to shake hands, one of the most effective ways to prevent infections is washing your hands regularly with soap and drying them in a paper towel.

The majority of infections are spread through contact. Viruses and bacteria can be transmitted for example by a handshake or objects touched by other people. Hands should be washed and dried before eating and after visiting the toilet. Studies show that good hand hygiene can reduce sickness absenteeism by as much as 50%. 

Hands should be washed in other situations too: after changing the diaper, after touching animals, after visiting a person who is ill, after outdoor activities and before and after preparing or serving food. To help people stay healthy – and at work – it’s crucial to ensure that all the office building washrooms are equipped with user-friendly Katrin Inclusive dispensers with perfectly matching high-quality Katrin tissue products. 

Independently of the location, 63 % of Europeans prefer to dry their hands with a paper towel. Therefore the availability of paper towels and toilet tissue is the most important thing in public toilets. 

Did you know this about hand washing?
Careful hand drying is also an important part of good hand hygiene. According to a study about public toilets in Europe, conducted by Metsä Tissue in 2015, almost 70 % of the Europeans prefer to dry their hands with a paper towel. A dispenser that gives paper towels sheet by sheet is most liked. The hygiene study also proved, that people visiting the public toilets appreciate details such as high quality paper towels and functioning dispensers. 

Handwashing is important

Did you know that the average office desk has 400 times more bacteria than what is found on an average workplace toilet seat?

Dry your hands carefully

Did you know that handwashing on its own is not enough? Hand towels remove bacteria mechanically while hand drying.

Less is More - Products with optimal performance save resources
‘Less is more’ is the Katrin ethos; it is also the standard of quality and environmental protection around which is always used in developing the Katrin products. An efficient concept for minimising hygiene risks and saving resources through lower material consumption. This concept covers the paper, dispensers and accessories and ensures that they perform their job the way they should. This is equally important across all public areas – not just in the offices, but also in schools, restaurants, hospitals and industrial workplaces of all kinds. 

The benefits of minimised consumption

The benefits of minimal hygiene risks

The answer to a better workplace health and hygiene is The Katrin hero range – the System range. The Katrin System solution, covering toilet paper, tissue for hand drying and soap, guarantees good and hygienic working conditions and good health in any workplace. For instance, the Katrin Classic System Toilet paper 800 is the same size as the standard household toilet roll, but has 5 times more length. With Katrin Inclusive dispenser, that accommodates 2 rolls, it means 200 meters of toilet paper in total. Katrin Classic System Towel gives more than 700 sheets of good quality hand drying. All these products provide a great user experience when used with perfectly matching Katrin Inclusive design dispensers. 

Kissing is fun and quite often worth doing, but in work you normally end up with handshaking. Therefore it is crucial to take care of the hand hygiene at any workplace. That is where we at Katrin can help you! 

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