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Recycling made easier with the Slim Jim Rubbermaid containers

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Why does recycling matter?
Waste is a big problem. Too much waste is still being sent to landfill sites or being incinerated, when the best solution to reduce our environmental impact is to recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible.

The EU has set strict objectives - By 2020:
- Landfill will be banned for at least paper, glass, textiles, plastic and metal.
- Separate waste collection systems for these categories must be set up.

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Why is Having a Product with Recycled Content Important?
Making products containing recycled content is important for two central reasons. First, it is important from an environmental stewardship perspective. Using recycled content means that we are keeping waste out of the landfill. Second, our customers want products that are manufactured in an ecologically responsible manner, and thus support their green initiatives.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products introduces Slim Jim® the ideal Solution to set up your Recycling Programme.
Rubbermaid offers a wide range of products to help you actively manage and recycle your waste. This includes everything from desk-side containers for paper recycling to complete indoor and outdoor recycling stations and mobile collection equipment for handling larger loads with ease.

Slim Jim® Containers set the industry standard in space-saving waste management.
- Efficient size and shape designed to fit in tight spaces.
- Durable, all-plastic construction is easy to clean.
- Handled versions make lifting and carrying easier.
- Bottom hand-holds provide a secure grip during emptying.

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