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Recycled batteries with Energizer EcoAdvanced

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EcoAdvanced™ is our latest industry breakthrough, not only is it our LONGEST-LASTING alkaline, it’s also the WORLD’S 1st AA battery made with 4% RECYCLED BATTERIES! Energizer® is committed to bringing positive energy to the world by creating less waste and working toward a future where recycling is more broadly available.

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Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ is the first step in creating value for recycled battery material, which until now has had little or no economic value.  This has resulted in delivering a long-lasting battery, up to 80% longer-lasting power in AA*, whilst creating less impact on the planet – both by requiring less mining of virgin material in the manufacturing process and by reducing the amount of batteries consumers need to power their devices, resulting in less waste.  “Industry experts long believed it was impossible to create a battery made with recycled batteries while maintaining performance”.  They said it couldn’t be done.  Our scientists found a way…

*in digital cameras vs. basic Alkaline. **4% recycled batteries (AA batteries), 3.8% recycled batteries (AAA batteries). © 2015 Energizer.

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