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Make a sustainable choice, Choose the Papermate Value Packs

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Our commitment to high levels of environmental performance in design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our products conserves resources and reduces our environmental footprint. To take meaningful strides and exceed mere incremental environmental gains requires both product and process innovation.  Today we’re designing products and optimizing business processes that minimize inputs and impacts on the environment.

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Our emphasis on sustainable operations can be found at our numerous facilities where we aimed at making facilities more efficient and reducing impacts in the communities in which we live and work by reducing waste, water and energy consumption. But it is also through our products. The Papermate Value Packs are a perfect example of it.

Papermate Value Packs, our solution for a more sustainable and more efficient business
We offer a wide range of value packs featuring Inkjoy and Flexgrip. Choosing value packs over a single-packaged product is the smart choice for your business and the planet: it is reducing the impacts on the environment at every stage of the life cycle of the product while giving you the best value for your product.

Smart packaging

Value packs are an efficient way to optimize product packaging, reduce cardboards, decrease waste and minimize impacts on the environment without affecting the intended purpose of packaging - to protect and draw attention to the product.

Smart distribution

Ordering more than one product at the same time means less energy, less material, less manufacturing and less transportation. This smart distribution helps minimize your company’s environmental footprint.

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