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Save time and money

Avoid the hidden costs of non-HP cartridges—Original HP toner cartridges offer the best overall value.

Unmatched reliability, legendary quality

Count on Original HP toner cartridges, designed to deliver impressive, consistent print quality and uncompromised performance.

Committed to sustainability

Original HP supplies were designed with the environment in mind. HP makes it easy to conserve resources and paper when printing. And when you are done, we make it easy and free to recycle.2

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For toner cartridges you can depend on, the choice is simple. Only Original HP technology delivers exceptional reliability and superior print quality.1 With Original HP toner cartridges, you ensure smooth printing workflows in business and at home. You’ll benefit from reduced service calls, interruptions and a maximised printer life.7

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Extremely low meltpoint
Original HP toner melts and fuses quickly, protecting your printouts and your printer.

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Perfecte match
Elk origineel HP cartridgemodel is ontworpen zodat hij perfect past bij het formaat en de snelheid, de smelttemperatuur en het soort papier van uw printer. Deze perfecte match is kenmerkend voor de betrouwbaarheid en printkwaliteit van HP.

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Static electricity
That's the force that gets every dot, dash, and decimal onto the page. Original HP toner cartridges turn static cling from a problem into a flawless printing solution.

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Correct colour
For lifelike orange, you need to combine yellow and magenta precisely. Only Original HP toner flows easily enough to keep your oranges looking orange, not lemony.

1. A SpencerLab 2014 Colour and a 2013 Monochrome Reliability studies for Europe, Middle East and Africa, both commissioned by HP. The colour study compared Original HP color LaserJet cartridges with 5 brands of non-HP cartridges for the HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551, CE400AX/01A/02A/03A cartridges. For details, see The monochrome study compared Original HP LaserJet cartridges with 10 brands of non-HP cartridges for the HP LaserJet P2035 and P1102 printers, 05A and 85A cartridges. For details,

2. Programme availability varies. Original HP cartridge return and recycling is currently available in more than 50 countries, territories and regions in Asia, Europe, and North and South America through the HP Planet Partners program. 

7. A 2014 Market Strategies International study commissioned by HP. Results based on 206 surveys from HP ServiceOne Partners who have at least 6 months of experience servicing HP monochrome and Color LaserJet printers with HP and non-HP toner cartridges installed, and have done so within the previous 12 months of the study. Study was conducted in 26 countries: UK, IE, FR, DE, IT, LU, AT, CH, BE, PT, ES, SE, RU, UA, PL, HU, CZ, HR, RO, ZA, SA, AE, EG, MA, QA, and TR

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