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5 Office Hacks You Need To Know

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If you want to be successful, you’re always on the search for the best way to simultaneously boost your productivity, stay organized, and expertly manage your time at work. Fortunately, there are a few ingenious ways to accomplish more at work on several different levels. Here are 5 office hacks you need to try today:

Office Hack #1: Clean your keyboard
Clean a dirty keyboard by using a piece of clear tape to get between the keys.

Office Hack #2: Organize the power cords
Use a variety of binder clips to keep the power cords around your desk untangled, organized, and out of the way. Attach the clips to your desktop or other surfaces and inserting the end of each cord to the silver looping structure.

Office Hack #3: Exercise at your desk
Finding time to exercise can be a struggle. Get some exercise at your desk by replacing your chair with a large exercise ball or creating a standing desk.

Office Hack #4: Fix wobbly furniture
Fix wobbly office furniture by using old CDs to avoid wobbles and protect the carpet. They also make great coasters.

Office Hack #5: Easily open a paper packaging
Do you have problems to open a paper packaging, especially if it is out of plastic? Then use one with the new easy opening system named ‘Tear Strip‘. It allows you to quickly open the ream with just two fingers, with no unintended tearing of the packaging. 

Other benefits are:

  • Opening the ream without using sharp objects
  • No risk of damaging your nails
  • No accidental damaging of the edge of the paper that may result in paper jams
  • Using the entire ream of paper at once or loading the printer with more than one ream at a time
  • Once the package is opened, it can be stored on the shelf, protected in the packaging surrounding the remaining paper

International Paper invented the ‘Tear Strip‘ for the whole product range of HP Everyday Papers. This Easy Opening Solution was the winner of several awards like the EOP Award‚ Product of the Year 2016 and the Benelux Office Products Award 2016. One of the judges commented: ‘A ream of paper that has a tape which can be easily pulled open like a zip is a concept that’s been used in many categories, but not in office paper.‘

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