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Get organised, quite an ART with ELBA

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New ELBA ART collection: Professional filing solutions that combine quality and efficiency with elegance and modernity, to organise yourself with style. 

On the home straight before end of year, you set ambitious objectives and have no time left to lose to reach them. Efficient organisation is key!

Tedious and repetitive, filing is felt as an essential but constraining task. And a “failing filing” can have consequences: to desperately look for or lose a document, to be overwhelmed by the flow of information. These are hindrances to your serenity and mind availability. So, how to combine business with pleasure and make filing less boring and your workplace stimulating?

Thanks to the new Elba ART collection!

Distinguish yourself and enhance your efficiency at work using our functional, qualitative and aesthetic solutions.

Dressed up with a glossy surface and elegant curved embossing, ART demonstrates a strong identity, definitely modern but timeless in black or white.

Its resistant material over the time and its opacity have the advantage to hide the content and ensure confidentiality and neat presentation in any case.

Everyone his own ideal ART solution:

  • Elasticated folder: lightweight, easy to carry. One vertical elastic band for quick opening.
  • Boxing: high capacity (SP25mm: 200 sheets /SP40mm: 300 sheets). Ergonomic thumbhole. Press stud closure.
  • A4 binders: SP20mm, flexible and compact, small capacity. SP40mm, rigid cover to withstand big capacity (250 sheets) in vertical use. The right office product to consult, re-organize and sort documents (using dividers).
  • Display books: All-in-one compact alternative to binders. Smooth pockets with corner opening for easy document insertion. Available in 20, 40 and 60 pockets.
  • Sorter: to divide documents in 12 sections. Temporary filing zone at the end.


Get organised, quite an ART !

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