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Small measures help to make professional life more efficient and target-oriented. We have compiled some important tips for you.

Principles of good organisation: establish the basis for structured workflows
The enemies of every project are disorder and mismanagement, this runs through all departments and can be easily avoided. By making minor changes to your workstation and writing materials you can initiate the transformation process to achieve more structure and efficiency. 

This also applies to the procurement of office materials.  Efficient planning, ordering and delivery of purchased items can dramatically improve your business and confer a very real competitive advantage in the long run.

In order to perform various office activities efficiently, certain aids are required. Employees should be supplied with adequate stationery products in order to avoid borrowing, which necessitates staff movement and impacts productivity. 

Filing and indexing, record keeping and recording minutes are areas where edding comes to the rescue and provides solutions. For over 55 years, edding has been offering a wide range of writing and marking products, perfect for achieving everybody’s goals and upgrading the workplace.

Read our tips and get to know how edding can significantly simplify your employee’s work routine and enhance their performance. 

In a meeting, one transcript can be more than enough
In today’s work environment, the ability to effectively communicate, educate and inform is key in maintaining a successful business. However, executives consider more than 67% of meeting to be failure.     

One explanation for this surprisingly high number could be that, during meetings, people are talking at the same time. This often leads to participants drawing separate conclusions from the same conversation. If you later compare the transcripts of the participants, you could get the impression that they all attended different meetings. 

Our solution: Make the participants summarize the most important points on a whiteboard or a flipchart with the edding 360 / 363 whiteboard marker and edding 380 flipchart marker. As a follow-up give the participants digital access to a photo-documentation of the results.

The benefits for your colleagues: 

  • More efficient and satisfying meetings
  • Standard documentation of results 
  • A better team spirit

Accidentally left the markers uncapped? Thanks to edding cap-off ink, our markers are still ready to use - even after a few days! Convenient and practical with their integrated pocket clip, they are always at hand - ready to use for every spontaneous or planned meeting!

Simply make marks that say what's inside
There are numerous notes and transcripts in every office. Even though offices have become more digital nowadays, there are still lots of print-outs and copies. Did you know that in many offices, around 20% off these print outs and copies cannot be found because of bad labelling and storage? Just searching for something for 15 minutes a day, will lead to a loss of 2.500 € at an hourly wage of 50€ per year and per employee. In order to avoid getting  buried in a mountain of paperwork and spend less time searching, it is worth improving your paper organisation. Label document protectors and folders according to subjects and dates with the edding 2000C, 400 and 25 Ecoline permanent markers. This leads to a better overview and allows you to locate your documents with ease. Quick drying, lightfast and wear resistant, they are the perfect accessory for organising even the most chaotic of desks!

Coloured accents
You don't always have enough time to make detailed notes about articles or files. Make coloured marks to help you structure a text. Write little notes inside the margin to summarize the most important points and help you to remember them. Our tip: While highlighting several facts, make use of different colours, and set perfect priorities by using the edding 345 and edding 24 Ecoline highlighters.  With at least 90% of the cap and barrel of the edding 24 made from renewable resources, you can demonstrate your commitment to environmental protection through the procurement of green office products. 

So take a structured approach to working and rely on the trusted and long-lasting products from edding. Once you have experienced the quality that edding offers, you will never look back.  

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