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5 tips to make the most of post-holiday productivity

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As January 2018 rolls around, festive decorations are taken down and Christmas trees are packed away for another year - meaning our thoughts suddenly return back to work. For many, this is the most revitalised and reinvigorated they’ll feel all year. The prolonged break, combined with the promise of a new year, gives us a much needed boost of inspiration and enthusiasm on those icy cold January mornings. But how best can you facilitate that energy in your office and turn it into renewed productivity for the business? Here are 6 ways to do exactly that.

1. Encourage clear, achievable goals
In a quest to boost productivity, applying increased pressure and requiring employees to work ever longer hours simply doesn’t garner results. Stressed, tired workers will struggle to add value to any project. Encourage people to write down clear objectives with distinct timeframes. These new year goals will work as an anchor for staff, giving them tangible targets to work towards.

2. Equip your office with essential organisational tools
This is the ideal time of year to invest in a few items that make effective working that bit easier. Stock up on fresh stationery sets, new notebooks and diaries, an easy-to-use filing system and everyday essentials such as sticky notes, planners and scissors. By simply equipping the office with the tools they need to manage their time effectively and get the job done, you could improve morale as well as productivity.

3. Recognise and celebrate successes
Many studies have demonstrated that when you recognise someone has done well at work, it can create strong feelings of positivity in them and therefore increase productivity. Conversely, those workers who dedicate real time and effort to doing a good job but feel their hard work is overlooked, can quickly become disheartened and disillusioned. Encourage your company to take the time to enjoy successes and reward in return. Recognising success can be as easy as saying ‘well done’ or you could suggest implementing an ‘employee of the month’ style system – however your company does it, you stand to gain.

4. Check office systems are running smoothly
There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your productive morning is stalled by an old, jammed photocopier. Or that your super busy week comes to a sudden halt when you have to call IT to sort out a malfunctioning printer. To mark the start of an efficient new year, why not carry out a full office ‘audit’ to make sure all your systems are fit for purpose? If you think the company needs to invest in a new shredder, printer or fax machine, taking the time to do it at the start of the year is a wise choice. It may also be worth taking a look at the wider work environment to check whether any other equipment may also need updating. Consider, for example, new appliances for the kitchen, new storage solutions and fresh lighting. As teams returns to work after the festive break it will be uplifting to find their work space ready to take them glitch-free into the new year.

5. Add a touch of fresh inspiration
While many offices and other work spaces are deliberately designed to be visually low-key, with as few distractions as possible, you may actually find that a little inspiration could be exactly what’s needed. Following in-depth studies, many now believe that parred down design and neutral colours do nothing to prompt productivity. Instead, how about recommending or introducing a splash of colour using art or photography displayed in key spots around your business? A more stimulating space could help workers feel happier and therefore improve their output.

Giving your office the right environment and equipment at the very beginning of the new year is a great way to set the scene for ongoing improved productivity. Taking the time to put everything in place right now will no doubt prove itself a great investment in the months to come.

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