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3 Ways to Make New Technology Work for You

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Where it comes to new technology, successfully keeping up your business with the times doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. In fact, it’s about finding the right balance between old and new: recognising what works for you and what’s outmoded, and harmoniously integrating new practices and technologies into your existing ways of working. Here are three ways to keep up with confidence:

1.       Turn Your Traditional Notes into Digital Files
While pen and paper once reigned supreme, digitalisation is an increasingly dominant force. But there’s no need for a power struggle when innovative products promote harmony between the two. Imagine converting your handwritten meeting notes to shareable user-friendly digital files was as easy as taking a photograph. It now is, with Oxford’s International Notebook Connect and Smart Charts, which use patented page-scanning technology and special apps to take you from paper to pixels in 3 clicks. 

2.       Create your Own Meeting Space Whenever, Wherever
As you well know, dedicated meeting rooms are rarely free when you need them. But with the right tools, your collaborative presentations, brainstorming and problem-solving sessions can be held anywhere there’s a wall or window. Legamaster Magic-Charts are made of recyclable electrostatic foil that easily sticks to almost any surface, creating an instant whiteboard, blackboard or clearboard, while Post-it® recycled Meeting Charts act like flipchart-sized Post-it® notes, which stick securely to most walls.

3.       Tune Out the Noise Around You
Sure, your open plan office looks modern and facilitates better working relationships with your colleagues, but let’s face it: background noise from office equipment and other people’s chatter often leave you little room to focus on your task at hand. Plantronic headsets cancel out noise from the surrounding space, helping you to concentrate on your telephone conversation or whatever’s on your computer screen.

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