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Make your Home Office a design hub for productivity!

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Design plays an increasing role in all aspects of our lives, and the tools and accessories we use at work are no exception. There is good reason why modern companies are making offices colourful and inspiring – good design enhances creativity, increases reliability and delivers great value and satisfaction to the user.

There is also first-hand evidence that shows that the more involved people feel in the design and layout of their workspace, the better productivity. A study by Exeter University, led by Dr Craig Knight, confirms that those in ‘empowered spaces’ are 32% more productive, feel happier and more motivated.

Spice up your life when working at home!
It isn’t just the standard office where people spice up their life when working. The Leitz White Paper “Works Smart. Work Mobile.” shows that nowadays more and more people work outside of the standard office, up to 78% of work outside is done at home. Over 70% of them would like their desktop products and business machines to match the colour of their home interior. So why should these be dull and ugly? Having the right good looking tools at home is becoming essential!

The new Leitz iLAM Home Office laminators in A4 format (or even in A3 format) are the right options. It brightens up any workplace, at home or in the office. It is available in four striking WOW colours – so you will always find a great match for your interior colour scheme. With this business machine you can expect hassle free lamination with excellent results that warms up in just three minutes and laminates pouches up to 125 microns thick. Check out how you can enjoy laminating at home!

No more jams with UDT!
The Leitz iLAM Home Office laminator and Leitz iLAM pouches with Unique Direction Technology are a match made with perfection in mind! Whatever you choose to laminate – various charts, text documents or photos – they fix two major problems when laminating: incorrect insertion of a pouch into the laminator and improper temperature settings. Patented directional arrows ensure you get great results safely every time. And don’t worry; they disappear as the pouch passes through the laminator.


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