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HP Everyday Papers: mobile printing is the future

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In today’s fast paced digital world, it has become increasingly important for all of us to be able to print from our mobile devices. Whether we are out of the office at meetings or editing documents on the go, being unable to access easy printing methods for mobile devices leaves many feeling frustrated.

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Often when traveling workers employees find themselves needing to print boarding passes or a document that needs a signature, a presentation for example. This is when a simple to use app which connects to any printer becomes extremely useful.

Employees based in one location have a permanent connection to the office printer. However, there is a growing segment of business people traveling a lot and needing to print outside of their usual workplace. The advantage of Happy2Print is that it is compatible with any printer brand, provided it is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. Forget about multiple apps for different printers. With Happy2Print you just need one.

Ease of use is another huge benefit of the Happy2Print app. Smart phones have been able to handle emails, documents and images for years, but printing hasn’t always been so straightforward. With Happy2Print it is possible to leave the laptop at home and work from a lightweight smart device.

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Through developing Happy2Print, mobile printing application, International Paper and HP Everyday Papers hope to meet the needs of the modern work and life style.

Available for free on Google Play and iTunes, Happy2Print is compatible with all printer brands and enable consumers to effortlessly print documents and files directly from their smartphone or tablet.

“The future is plural – paper and digital both have their place; mobile printing is one of the areas where they meet and complement each other.”

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