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Exacompta - Filing designed for the mobile worker!

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A new generation of workers are becoming increasingly prevalent within European organisations. For these employees, the car, home office, hotel and client offices have become routine working spaces. It is estimated that 25% of Europeans will work remotely in 2016.

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Exactive features several versatile products that combine filing, presentation, note taking and organisation. Made from durable, lightweight and recyclable materials, Exactive’s products are robust and long-lasting. Designed to appeal to both men and women, and fit within a professional environment, they look smart and stylish. Moreover, they offer solutions to improve one’s working efficiency. Exafolio and Exawallet feature the new generation of conference folders. The polypropylene cover replaces the previous, and out-dated imitation leather. Several pockets allow users to file and carry mobile phones, tablets, note books and documents, all within one product suitable for daily use.

Exatravel and Exacase are well-thought-out bags with multiple uses. The Exatravel has a laptop compartment, expandable filing with 6 sections and numerous interior pockets with zip and pen storage options. The Exacase is a single case to organise documents in several compartments and transport them easily.

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Exacard is the easiest tool to file business cards, thanks to its removable pockets and dividers. The smallest model can be carried as easily as a wallet. Exashow and Exaview are both useful display devices to protect and present documents. Exashow allows users to present without opening a laptop, and to take notes at the same meeting. Exaview is a well-designed display book with a robust cover and dividers to separate sections.

By following the mobile working trend, Exactive is becoming an essential brand for modern business executives, providing solutions and most important of all, ease of working.

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