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Tips for boosting productivity with your breakroom

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Encourage a break culture
The office breakroom is more than just a place to fill your  coffee cup. It’s the space where employees go to breathe, communicate and share ideas. And research has proven that taking breaks actually increases productivity, with more than 86% of employees stating that doing so regularly would help them focus. An empathetic ear is key to staff satisfaction – make quality break time an inherent part of your company culture.

Flexible work and break
Whilst your breakroom might be an inviting and engaging space, if the cupboards are lacking employees might not be using it to its full advantage. A well-stocked space naturally encourages breaks, and helps staff work comfortably at any hour of the day. Some of the best improvements include introducing healthy snacks or drinks and Fairtrade products that promote company values, as well as ensuring the space is clean and organised.

You deserve one too
All this sounds great but you might not have endless hours to spend making your pantry a productivity powerhouse? You can add all your food and breakroom essentials to a regular order with us. Not only will it streamline the process and lower the cost, you’ll get a break too.

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