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Safescan time & attendance systems, how do they work?
Safescan’s intelligent time and attendance (TA) systems combine the latest identification technology with comprehensive management tools and software. Using RFID proximity technology, fingerprinting technology, or both, these systems eliminate hassle and error, making both you and your employees happier. Our included smart TA software helps you use all the data you record to efficiently manage your workforce and their presence.

Real-time insight
Safescan’s time and attendance systems push attendance data over your network in real time, so you always know exactly who’s on site at any given instant. In the event of fire or another emergency, you can instantly print a fire roll-call report with a single click, maximizing employee safety.

And there is much more……
In addition to its real-time reporting features, you can create daily, weekly, monthly and periodic reports per department and employee; track job costing, hours, overtime, and absences; design employee schedules; export your data to Excel or your preferred payroll program. With an unlimited database, automatic backups and support for multiple terminals, our TA software saves you time and money even as it gives you valuable, actionable insight.

Up and running in a flash
Install your TA-8035 using the included wall mount, connect it to your LAN or Wi-Fi network, and in just moments, the included TA software will automatically find it. Enter your employees’ data and you’re ready to start clocking!

What if a central bank makes changes to a banknote?

Safescan’s mission is to help companies thrive
Safescan is a global company committed to providing businesses with smart, secure cash handling and workforce management tools that increase their efficiency, security and profit. Since 2004, we have grown to serve hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.
Our customers care about accuracy, security, convenience and efficiency. They appreciate our exacting standards and our attention to detail.

How do safescan’s counterfeit detectors work?
Safescan offers a range of counterfeit detectors with detection to fit every budget and need, from simple detectors that let you manually inspect a single banknote feature (such as ultraviolet or magnetic marks) all the way to sophisticated, automated multi-point detection technology. All tested 100% by the Central Banks.

Does safescan’s banknote counters include detection as well?
Besides detectors, Safescan also offers a full range of coin and bank note counters. All Safescan automated banknote counters include counterfeit detection. From 1-point detection up to the multi-point detection technology. Again all tested 100% by the Central Banks.

What currencies have the most counterfeits?
In absolute terms, the US dollar is the world’s most counterfeited currency. Percentage-wise, the British pound sterling is in the lead. The Euro is also a prime counterfeiting target; since its introduction in 2002, the amount of counterfeit currency in circulation in Europe has steadily risen each year.

How much does counterfeiting cost business owners?
Counterfeiting is estimated to cost US businesses billions annually, and the EC estimates that counterfeiting has cost the EU at least € 500 million since the euro’s introduction in 2002. Accepting counterfeit money is a real threat that every entrepreneur faces. The best protection is an active anti-counterfeit policy at the point of sale.

How do central banks protect banknotes from counterfeiting?
All counterfeit detectors rely on sophisticated security features that central banks deliberately insert into banknotes. These features begin with special treasury paper, which is either a cotton-linen blend or, increasingly, polymer-based. Central banks then design each banknote to contain complex ultraviolet , magnetic , infrared and holographic features. In many currencies, each note type (or denomination) also has a unique, very specific size, thickness and weight, to combat bill bleaching (where counterfeiters bleach a genuine low-value banknote and print a higher-value counterfeit on the same paper).

What if a central bank makes changes to a banknote?
Central banks are constantly working to improve banknote security as new techniques emerge. Safescan’s currency management team keeps abreast of these developments and updates our detection software as soon as new bills are announced. We notify when an update is ready; all you have to do is install it using the USB port or micro SD slot on the back of your Safescan device. When the new note enters circulation, your Safescan detector will be ready for it.

Award-winning innovation
We have won several international awards for our inventive products, and we continue to innovate every day, developing new counterfeit detectors, money counters and time clock systems using the latest technology and usability design insights available. We pride ourselves on creating some of the most intuitive user interfaces in the cash handling and time and attendance industries.

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