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New Kimberly-Clark Professional products bundle

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KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* has recently launched a range of new products specifically designed for the small business/office customer sectors.

With insights into the needs of this market and the challenges of space, limited storage, a complete bundle for the washroom and canteen/kitchen needs has been created.

Within the bundle are Starter Packs, which provide convenience, storage and efficiency, at the centre of their design. Starter packs are designed to help businesses - get started, get organised and be more efficient - from the washroom, to canteen & kitchen areas. Practical Starter Packs - include the dispenser and refill codes, within the one pack - so everything you need to get started.To assist, from an ongoing storage and refill perspective - Convenient Carry Packs have also been launched, with compact pack sizes, in a hygienic bag format - keeping the product clean whilst being stored.

At KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* we understand our customers and the industries in which they work. We have used our expertise to support businesses create efficient, healthier and exceptional workplaces - through our products and continued innovation.

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Focus on SLIMFOLD*:
The KLEENEX® SLIMFOLD* Hand Towel Starter Pack, comes complete with dispenser - which is only 37.50cm x 23.90cm x 8.10cm, therefore offers the benefits of space optimisation with a hygienic drying solution for washrooms without the size being a concern and impact. Even the smallest washroom - can accommodate this dispenser. The Starter Pack includes 180 KLEENEX® SLIMFOLD* Hand Towels which are made with KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* patented AIRFLEX* Technology allowing superior absorbency, strength and therefore a better cost in use. Fewer towels are required for hand drying purposes, as it remains strong even when wet. Even with the slim format of the hand towels, a full sized towel is included, due to our unique folding technology to help retain the slim format of this product.

For ongoing convenience the Carry Pack has been created, which holds 720 hand towels i.e. 8 clips. The SLIMFOLD* Hand Towel Carry Pack - gives businesses a convenient storage solution, whilst keeping the product clean and hygienic between refill events.

With our new KLEENEX® bundle, enjoy an uplifting moment in your busy life.

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