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Identity Theft is the fastest growing type of crime in Europe

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It is important that businesses take steps to protect their customer’s data & own sensitive business information.

Why Shred?

  • Protect your business and your customers from identity theft and fraud
  • Avoid fines and legal action due to noncompliance with data protection legislation
  • Avoid reputation damage and bad PR as a result of a confidential data breach

What to Shred?

  • Strategic business information
  • Employment and customer records
  • Sales figures & pricing information
  • Tax and Legal documents
  • Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers
  • Accounts payable/receivable information

Shredder Security Levels Explained
Shredders come with a range of different cut type options, which offer varying levels of security.
The larger the number of pieces the shredder cuts a document into the greater the security level.
As the likelihood of the document being reconstructed is reduced.

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Cuts 1 x A4 sheet into approx 40 strip
For day to day paperwork containing non- sensitive information.

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Cuts 1 x A4 sheet into approx 400 pieces
For business documents containing proprietary
 information and/or sensitive personal information.

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Cuts 1 x A4 sheet into approx 200 pieces
For day to day paperwork containing
 sensitive information.

business, text, identity, paper, card, love, no person, finance, desktop, symbol, horizontal, isolated, success, financial, money, illustration, letter, communication, sign, security

Cuts 1 x A4 sheet into approx 2,000 pieces
For confidential business documents with ID,
financial and strategic information.
Smaller cut also means greater bin capacity.

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