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Durable is making security management easy

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The DURABLE trademark has signified top-quality products, high levels of customer service and innovation for over 95 years. When it comes to managing risk with safety and security solutions, it's all about reliable products that support safety measures efficiently.  Get to know DURABLE's innovative products offering the perfect solutions for your security demands.

Why are DURABLE products that suitable for efficient security management?
DURABLE offers a range of innovative and convenient solutions for all areas of security management. A combination of premium quality and ease of use ensures that everyday security tasks can be managed simply and effectively.

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DURAFRAME®, the professional way to display
Magnetic frames from DURABLE are ideal for a number of applications including the display of notices or important information. Available in a number of colours and sizes, including poster size DURAFRAME® offers a versatile solution.
Be on the safe side with DURAFRAME® SECURITY, available in a self adhesive or magnetic frame. Display health and safety instructions, directions or warning signs within the twin coloured frame, designed in accordance with ISO 3864-4 for safety colours, suitable for the highest security standards.

Employee identification and access is an important issue in many businesses, especially with the use of data storage chips on ID cards and magnetic strips that need to be used and visible at all times. DURABLE offers a wide range of practical solutions that are designed to enable ease of use and offer protection of sensitive data. Choose from enclosed card holders or premium security pass holders and use them with a wide range of accessories including the DURABLE badge reel which simply clips on to the badge and offers fast and easy access.

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Do you need to print ID cards on a regular basis but do not want the expense of outsourcing? Explore the DURACARD concept!

Organise the design and print of plastic cards in 3 easy steps:
1. Create your design with DURAPRINT®, a free software available for download from
2. Use DURACARD ID 300 card printer to produce photo-quality, edge-to-edge colour or monochrome finishes
3. Protect and accessories your printed plastic card with DURABLE name badges and accessories.

DURACARD ID 300 is the ready-to-use solution for quick, easy printing of ID, membership, loyalty cards and much more! Includes YMCKO colour ribbon and 100 blank plastic cards. Give your corporate cards a professional finish from the comfort of your own desk.

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