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Name badges: Essential part of a successful collaboration

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Though workplaces are becoming increasingly virtual as more conversations and meetings are held online, personal meetings are therefore becoming even more valuable. Within global business, name badges support smooth introductions and collaborative working. Whether you're meeting colleagues from another part of your own business, or meeting potential customers at an external event, the right name badge can give off an impression about you and facilitate conversation.

Whether you are at a trade fair, attending a meeting or in a public service role, name badges are an important part of a professional corporate identity. Choosing the right name badge for each different situation is important. Premium quality name badges with their stylish design and finish support a professional appearance whilst standard name badges are practical and durable; perfect for regular re-use.

Step 1: Choose the right name badge
There are a huge variety of namebadges suited to different types of people and also different situations. PRESTIGE name badges from DURABLE are perfect for a professional appearance. This high-quality name badge range is available with an aluminum frame, black bar or you can choose frameless for a simple yet stylish appearance. Smart solution: The SMART CLIP name badge can be fastened subtly on to a shirt collar, lapel or tie for a flawless look.

Step 2: Make inserts for your name badges
To create your inserts easily and efficiently use our free printing software DURAPRINT®. The software enables you to create individual designs that can be printed professionally or saved for later. To make things even easier, BADGEMAKER® inserts are available which are made up of micro-perforated sheets designed specifically to fit all sizes of DURABLE name badges.

Hint: In DURAPRINT® you can use the database function to upload your list of contacts including names, titles and pictures and then merge that data with your design to make a large number of name badges in just a few clicks. Perfect for big events!
Name badges: give your company an identity.

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