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The ability to increase effectiveness, through efficient communication, can dramatically boost information flow and educate your audience – making for a more successful business or idea launch. For over 55 years edding has been offering a wide range of writing and marking products, perfect for achieving your goals and upgrading your workplace.

Whether involved in an important meeting, an intense brainstorming session or simply an internal presentation; edding whiteboard and flipchart markers help companies and employees to increase their performance and boost productivity - by providing a reliable and stress-free writing and marking solution. 

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Get the most from our products

The life of edding whiteboard and flipchart products can be simply extended by refilling, which not only protects the environment - but is also cost-effective!

Accidentally leave the marker uncapped? Thanks to edding cap-off ink our markers are still ready to use - even after a few days!

Convenient and practical… With an integrated pocket clip, edding whiteboard and flipchart markers are always at hand - ready to use for every spontaneous or planned meeting!

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edding whiteboard markers – the specialist for compelling presentations

Suitable for writing, marking and lettering on non-porous surfaces, e.g. whiteboard or glass; these high-quality and reliable presentation aids contain lightfast ink, which is both quick-drying and dry-wipeable.

edding flipchart markers – the brilliant choice for making a lasting impression

Specifically designed for use on flipchart paper. The water-based ink writes extremely smoothly, with vibrant colours, and does not bleed through paper – making a perfect impression every time.

So whenever you need high-quality, robust, expressive and creative meeting room solutions, edding offers everyone the best possible products to realise their goals and ideas.

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