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Choosing your meeting room equipment from Nobo

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Meeting rooms are a direct reflection of your organisations image and how you equip your rooms has a direct impact on productivity. Creating the correct environment and using the best equipment and accessories is vital to the success of any meeting and to give the correct impression to clients & visitors.

NOBO offers a complete solution approach to meetings to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Flipchart Easels

The versatile flipchart easel can be used for so many things…to display information, to prepare for a meeting or as an essential brainstorming tool for interactive discussions; capturing ideas and thoughts and displaying them by the side of the writing board. Whatever you need one for, there will be a flipchart easel perfect for you!


Our extensive line of Nobo Whiteboards have been created to connect ideas and enhance communication. Bringing people together and ideas to life. Whiteboards are an essential part of collaborating, organising, thinking and communicating. Not only will you see a boost in productivity and efficiency, but you will be helping people achieve more.

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