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A better workplace by design

We’re committed to creating environments that meet the demands and enhance the performance of modern business inspiring solutions that promote productivity, encourage creativity and improve overall well-being, because we believe when your SPACE works everything works.

Your complete solution

From sourcing that perfect single product delivering every element of a full office design and refurbishment, we have the skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver the solution that is right for your business.

Continuely evolving

Whether its acoustics or lighting, ergonomics or DSE assesments, biophilic & plant solutions or options around finance and leasing, we are constantly improving our offer to ensure we can deliver the unique solution your business deserves.


Workplace Consultancy
From our initial assessment and discussions around your particular needs, we will create a range of solutions and options tailored to your workplace.
Interior Design
Starting with a survey of your SPACE and understanding your businesses needs and preferences, we will prepare initial concepts and work with you to create your final design.
Built on a world-class portfolio of leading edge manufacturers and products we provide effective solutions that are as unique as our individual customer's needs.
Workplace Fitout
Whether a small scale refurbishment or multi-site construction and install, we have the knowledge and resoucres to plan, manage and deliver your project ontime and to budget.
SPACE Planning & Rendering
Ensuring our clients are at the centre of every project we untilize 2D, 3D and VR technology to pre-plan and visualise every new SPACE.
A fundamental part of our thinking and design process, we integrate business specific, practical and effective worker/environment solutions for any workplace.
DSE Assessments
As it plays an integral part in any comprehensive planning or design process we ensure all of our consultants are fully qualified DSE Assessors.
Site specific surveys coupled with a full understanding of business issues and demands, allows us to deliver practical and creative solutions for any type of working environment.
From out of the box products to survey led bespoke installations our in house team has the experience to guide clients to the result that works best for their SPACE.
Plant & Biophilic Solutions
Specialised interior and exterior plant installations for working environments of all types and size.
Clear, Recycle & Move Management
We provide a full service offer that includes the clearing of WORKSPACES, recycling of obsolete items and the full management of moving and relocating.
Lease & Finance Options
Expert advice and support for project budgeting, cash flow projections and bridging between financial business periods.

Our team

Bryan Tall
Workplace Design Consultant
Ben Murphy
Workplace Design Consultant
Marnie Davies
Workplace Design Consultant
Kate Hunter
Workplace Design Consultant

Let us transform your office

For a solution tailored to your needs, contact one of our office design consultants.

Let us help you transform your space

Let us help you transform your space